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Baby Kangaroo "Revo"

While Dr. Amany was checking the red kangaroo enclosure on 23rd of May 2011, she found this poor delicate Red kangaroo baby thrown away from his mother’s pouch. Depending on the measurement of tail and feet, It was about 5.5 months old.

She diceied to take care of him. It was very hard mission as it was the 1st time to hand rear a red kangaroo baby at Giza zoo. She made an artificial pouch of an old hand bag with a lot of stuff inside to keep him warm.

At 1st Dr. Amany tried the human baby milk formula and a syringe with thin rubber tube for suckling. But this was not fully successful. The baby wasn’t growing very well, and had diarrhea all the time.

Dr. Amany started searching for the suitable formula for kangaroos and the zoo exported the baby kangaroo milk specially for the baby kangaroo.

Dr. Amany called the baby kangaroo Revo, he is now 7.5 months old, growing very well, he even grow hair and he is now a very cute handsome baby kangaroo.

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