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Red-tailed Monkey نسناس أحمر الذيل

Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Cercopithecidae
Species: Cercopithecus ascanius

Red-tailed monkey is found across Uganda, DRC (Zaire), Kenya, Zambia, Angola and Central African Republic.  

They inhabit lowland rain forest, gallery, swamp, acacia woodland and mountain forest.

Red-tailed monkey have speckled yellow-brown fur, with pale under-parts. They have a black face with blue fur around the eyes and white cheeks. Depending on the subspecies, their nose color varies from white, yellow or black.
Head and body length: Female: 30-45 cm, Male: 40-65 cm. Tail length: Female: 50-80cm, Male: 60-90 cm. Weight: Female: 3 kg, Male 3-4 kg.

They may live up to 22 years.

Red-tailed guenons mainly feed on fruit, but they also eat leaves and animal prey. It is common for adults to store fruit in their large cheek pouches in order to take their meal to an area free from the threat of theft by other monkeys.

These monkeys live in groups of 7-35, typically with one male and numerous females. The females remain in the same territory for life, but males tend to migrate. It is common for the incumbent male to kill all existing offspring in the new group, thereby making lactating females come into estrous sooner and bear his offspring.  They are diurnal and arboreal and travel quadruped through the forest.

Breeding season Red-tailed monkeys generally breed throughout the year, although the peak season is from November to February.
Gestation period: 6 months (average).
Red-tailed guenons give birth to one infant, usually from April to November.
Age at sexual (female): 4 years.
Age at sexual (male): 5 years (average).

Conservation status:
IUCN Red List: Least Concern.


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