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IT Section
Dr.Mona Sadek, Head of IT Section

It was established on 13 March 2008 our team started with 2 of our young staff members under supervision of Dr. Mona Sadek,. At once we started on recording our zoo animals, birds, and reptiles by ARKS4, after being among members of 360 species.

Our first task was to communicate with international organizations to regain our Zoo membership, and become among the global zoos as a member in the international zoos community.

As being head of IT section, I had the opportunity to attend the 19th annual conference, and meeting of PAAZAB May 2008 in S.A, during which, with the support of Dr. Mark Penning chairman of PAAZAB, and Mr. Dave Morgan executive director, I could arrange for a presentation ( Giza Zoo at present, and in the future), which was the first real introduction for Giza Zoo to the international community, and could win the African Zoo Community support.

Prof. Gordon McGregor chairman of WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) attended this conference. We've discussed Giza Zoo issue, He was very understanding, and promised to help the Zoo when it becomes ready, and meets the international standards.

International Organization
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