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Conservation Education Center

*Established in1990 by the aids of (I.C. B. P.) International Council for Birds Preservation (England)



Increase knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of nature, ecosystem, animal species, and plants in people by educational programs.

Increase public awareness and interest to help in wild life conservation, and role of zoos in this, and survival of species.


1. Meetings of Environmental Non-Gov.Org. (Wildlife Society, Animals Society & Natural Resources Society) are held in the center to discuss problems facing wildlife in Egypt and find out Solutions.

2. National & International training courses, Workshops, and seminars.
(IFAW workshop for CITES) 20 – 24 April, 2008
For our people working in airports , seaports and borders administrators , wildlife officers , customs , enforcement officers and others in the legal systems to enforce provisions of the convention and to prohibit trade in violation there of.

3. A mobile unite (Audio-visual facilities) will restart again to achieve our goal to help increasing Bedouin awareness of conservation of natural resources in the deserts.


4. Recently, on October, 2007
3D- Cinema has started working in the center and conservation educational programs are shown before the movie starts as:-

  • (add to your knowledge programs) a précised information given on one of the endangered species of the Zoo and Zoo’s efforts to conserve it.
  • Newly born animals at the Zoo.
  • Zoo’s instructions and directions.


International Organization
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