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Fayom Zoo

Fayom Zoo was established in 1984 in Saad Zaghlol St. Dar Al- Ramad Area.
Its area is 4 acres. It is the third Zoo in Egypt after Giza Zoo and Alexandria Zoo.


The zoo has a nice animal collection, you can see Lions, Grivet Monkeys, Red Fox, Egyptian Mongoose, Hippos, Pelicans, Lovebirds, Falcons, and different species of reptiles like Tortoises and Nile Crocodile.


Other animals in the zoo:
               Jungle Cat  
 Red Lechwe
 Fallow Deer
 Scimitar horned Oryx
 Dorcas Gazelle
 Swan Goose
 African Beauty Sank
 Ocellelated Skink
 Egyptian Tortoise
 Greak Tortoise
 African spurred Tortoise
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