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Regional zoos
Gizera Aquarium
Was established in1867, and joined the State of Egyptian Zoos &Aquarium in 1902.

Alexandria Zoo
The zoo is part of the historical Antoniadis Gardens. Its area is 25 acres. In 1986 Alex zoo joined the State of Egyptian Zoos and Wild life services. It is considered the second largest zoo in Egypt,

Fayom Zoo
It was established in 1984 in Dar Al- Ramad in Fayom City. Its area is 4 acres.

Areesh Zoo
The zoo was established at the end of Areesh city to avoid the crowd of the city. Its area is 20 acres.

Bny Swaf Zoo
It was established in 1996, and its area is 4.5 acres, and it has many animals.

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